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Elyse Brandau


Elyse has worked on television shows such as The Mysteries of LauraVeep, and Saturday Night Live and can be seen performing on stage at the UCB theaters and all over the Internet on sketch videos. (Seriously, she's everywhere.)  Elyse will spoon you for soft tacos from Chipotle.

Charle is an actor whose recent features include Law and Order, her own web series, Real Mommy Confessions, and several national commercials.  She has a passion for karoake and is also in training to be a polyglot.

Charle Webb



Carolina is the writer, producer and creator of Rebranding Andi.  As an actress she's been in several national commercials, both on-screen and as the voice talent, and she is in the upcoming feature film The Brooklyn Banker.  In the past was a VJ on Mun2, a radio DJ in Miami, and she dabbled in the pain of stand-up comedy.  She is a sucker for a good, ol' fashioned fart joke.

Carolina Korth


Guest Stars

Episode 1

Justin Perez as Jaime

William Brook as the voice of Jose


Episode 3

Marshall Stratton as Charles

Paul Baker as Todd

Mike Kelton as Eric

Dan Wintersteen as "magician"

Chris Fuentes as "rocker"

Fariaz Rabbani as "hitchiker dick"

James Coker as Michael


Episode 4

Justin Perez as Jaime

Jack Mountford as Avery

James Coker as Michael


Episode 5

Evan Hoyt Thompson as Daniel

Rene Ramirez as waiter


Episode 6

Ashley Skidmore as Carly

Andrew Casanova as Miguel

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