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Rebranding Andi is a web series about Andi, a 29-year-old kickass career woman who was dumped by her boyfriend of six years last year and has since stuck her head in the sand as far as men are concerned.  Her ex is the only man she ever really dated in NYC, so despite being an adopted New Yorker, she’s a total rookie at dating in the concrete jungle. A lot has changed since her single life before him, so she’s got her work cut out for her.

Long gone are the days when a man would call to propose dinner and movie; she’s now forced to navigate the waters of text-only communication and the protocols of online dating and social media. She gets to experience the difference in dating when you're pushing 30 versus being an optimistic, easy-going, 22 year-old in the hellscape/wonderland of finding eligible and still-desirable men in New York City.


Luckily she has her two best friends from college to guide her through this laughable journey.  Danielle and Talia each have their own philosophies on dating, and they couldn't be more different.  Well-intentioned as they may be, time will tell if either or both of them have the right approach to rebrand Andi.

A word from the creator of Rebranding Andi...

Everyone's seen and [most have] loved Sex & the City.  I wrote RA as a fresher, younger, uncouth and more realistically diverse take on the ups and downs of dating in New York City.  Female comedy frankness is finally hitting its stride mainstream (thank you Amy Schumer, Ilana Glazer, Abbi Jacobson, Jenny Slate, etc.,) and this series takes that style and runs with it.


As I hit 30, I began to notice that a lot of women that I knew had experiences similar to Andi's.  And most, if not all, of these women wanted to get married and have kids someday, so forcing themselves to figure out how to date again was something they had to do no matter how dreadful it seemed.  (For those women who don't want husbands or children - kudos to you!  You don't live in a pressure cooker.)  For this reason I wrote RA, to have fun with something that can be anything but.  (That, and I think it's weird that I am continuously seeing similar stories with no diversity.  That is not the New York I see and know.)


I hope you enjoy our series!  And pass it on if you get some laughs. :-)           -- Carolina


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